Midwest Auto Auction, Inc. was founded by Mr. Al Michel in 1952. Since that date to the present it has always been open to the general public, offering great buys on all kinds of used vehicles. Initially, it started as just a two person operation with Al working the “outside” and his wife Dorothy, the office. In those early years Midwest Auto Auction was located on Roosevelt Ave. in the City of Detroit, Michigan. Later, due to its success Al decided to move the company to its current location on Telegraph Road, in Redford, Michigan. This new location allowed for expanded growth and new opportunities that could not previously be realized. Of course with the new expansion of the business came the need for new  procedures, some experimentation and “Plain Old Yankee Ingenuity.” With Al’s vision and leadership, new opportunities opened and where markets for the auction industry did not exist, Al found them. For example, the first ever vehicle donation program for charity was started here at Midwest. This has since become a national trend which encompasses hundreds of charitable organizations whose life relies on auto donations. Later, it was here at Midwest that the use of priority numbers for auction vehicles was developed and implemented. This has since become an industry wide standard.     

Al Michel Founder of  Midwest Auto Auction, Inc.

In 1996, Midwest Auto Auction, Inc., changed its “Captain at the helm” and today the organization is led by Mr. George Badeen, a former protege of Al Michel who started working for Al back in 1976. From that day to the present you could say that he has literally worked from the floor up, since he started his employment here sweeping the shop floor. Eventually, he was made an Adjuster with the Recovery Division and sometime thereafter, was promoted to Supervisor, then Assistant Manager. After a few years more, Al promoted him  to General Manager of the Recovery Division. Then after a time in this position, Al promoted him to Vice President and still again, to President of Operations. He is now the President of the Corporation.

In keeping with Al’s original vision, George has expanded the Corporation which now  includes four separate divisions, each of which supports our clientele in the liquidation of their unwanted, surplus, or seized property. Today, Midwest Auto Auction sells a lot more than just vehicles. Through our Midwest Auction Sales Division, we now auction the contents of estates, schools, libraries and more. Our Recovery Division continues to provide services to the lending industry in the recovery of collateral and has expanded its operation into foreclosure services and our Auto Pawn Division provides loans via the pawn process, to those who need quick cash. Under the leadership of George Badeen steering the course in the direction that Al Michel has set, we can truly say that we are not the kind of company that toils at enhancing upon what we are but are building towards what we will become.   

The History Of Midwest Auto Auction

Today, Midwest Auto Auction is not  only considered one of the oldest and most established public auto auction houses in the country, it has also become a recognized leader and innovator within the industry. Many of the procedures used throughout the auto auction industry were crafted here at Midwest Auto Auction. Following in the direction of our Founder who demanded innovation, imagination and thinking beyond the horizon, we at Midwest continue to innovate and craft new and better ways of doing things. These innovations and our reputation as an early pioneer in this industry, coupled with our drive to excel, is a great source of pride to us. It has been said that anyone can read about history but here at Midwest Auto Auction, Inc. We Make It!  

George Badeen President  Midwest Auto Auction, Inc. Since 1952